The Perfect Plan

If you have Boneheads to deal with, remember the Perfect Plan for dealing with them.

Posture:          Shoulders back, stand tall.        Slumping shoulders show the Boneheads that you are afraid of  
                                                                                                      them. Don't let them think you are a victim. 
                                                                                                      Stand strong, feel strong.

Eyes:               Eye contact.                             Look them in the eye and hold their gaze. 

Respiration, Respond, Report:     

                        Breathe slowly.                         This helps keep you calm. 

                        Respond appropriately.            Depending on the situation, this might mean ignore and walk      
                                                                                                      away, a statement ("Don't do that. I don't like it.") or even, if the      
                                                                                                      bully has hold of you, a shove so that you can get away. Do what  
                                                                                                      you have to do so that you can move on to reporting the incident.

                        Report the incident to an adult.  
Friends:          Friends stick together.               Find yourself a friend who will stick with you. Then, support each              
                                                                                                      other if trouble arises. Boneheads like to isolate the people they                  
                                                                                           ​are picking on. Stick together.
Engage:          Engage with activities.              Join in with groups and activities that interest you. This will help    
                                                                                                       build your confidence and positivity. You will probably make
                                                                                                       new friends as well.
                        Make new friends.                     More friends means more support. 

Confidence:    Stay positive. Trust in yourself.  Think carefully, make plans and trust your decisions. 
                                                                                                       Expect good things to happen. Most people are nice.

Teach:             Help other kids to cope too.      Keep an eye out for other kids who might be having
                                                                                                       problems with Boneheads. Teach them what you
                                                                                                       know. Support each other.