Do you know someone who is a scared, teased, isolated, needy kid that everyone rejects? 
Frankie Gumm and Oliver Mollison do - and they make it their mission to help these kids hold their heads up high. 
Come on! Join us.

Be part of the GummShoe Gang! 

Frankie and Olly form the Gummshoe Gang to investigate weird goings-on at their school.

However,  they have an underlying agenda - to help kids who, like themselves, are the victims of teasing, tormenting and bullying.

Over the years the boys have developed methods of coping with the bullies at Carson Road School. They determine to teach these skills to younger students by bringing them into the Gummshoes.

Young readers aged 8-12 years will enjoy the fast-paced mini mysteries and learn ways to build self-confidence and feel better about themselves. 

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Mission #1:  The Nobbled Numbskull

Carson Road School's soccer team has a problem. Their star player has missed three matches in a row.
Coincidence? Bad luck?
Frankie and Olly don't think so.
The boys set out to investigate the situation even though the school's best player is not their favourite person.
Why would anyone want to sabotage the team?
​The GummShoe Gang is on the case.

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What are people saying about Gummshoes?

I had only planned to read a few pages of this book last night to help me fall asleep, but the characters and the story were so engaging that the fun within the pages won out over sleep. E.J. Gore paced the book well, enabling the reader to absorb each new bit of information while trying to determine who the culprit was.

It was hard to feel sorry for Nits, being that he was such a bully to those who were trying to help him, but with Frankie also not wanting to play in any more soccer games, I could understand the motivation for the junior sleuths to continue. I liked how Olly and Frankie took Binka under their wing and stood up for him when he was subjected to bullying.

Gummshoes' ‘Mission 1: The Nobbled Numbskull’ not only provided great entertainment in the solving of a great mystery, but also showed the nasty effects of bullying in schools, and how standing together against the bullies can make a big impact in building the confidence of bullying victims. I feel that this book should be stocked in school libraries and recommend this book to children in the 7-12 age group.

- Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite

School is a place where wits can keep a bully at arms length and to also help assess what doesn't make sense socially.

The GummShoes series begins with a sabotage whodunit in terms of finding the person responsible for causing setbacks to the school soccer team and its best player.

With some obstructions caused by occasional negative attitudes and manipulation by some schoolmates, brainpower and positive friendships eventually connects all the clues to solve the mystery.


Nicholas R.W. Henning - Australian Author

Synopsis: When Frankie and Olly discover someone is sabotaging the school soccer team, they need to investigate who is the saboteur.

What did I think? – This book was very interesting. The story line was very interesting and, as well as being a great story, it also has some helpful tips for dealing with bullies.

Who else would like it? – People who are late primary and early secondary school would like it. It is also a good book for people who might be being bullied.

Zac (aged 12)

Mission #2 - The Medal Muddle

The latest craze - MODO (Masters of Diemos One) - is sweeping through Carson Road School. Everyone is collecting the cards and medals. Excitement is everywhere.

But something weird is also happening.
Nits wants to be friends with Frankie and Olly. He is actually being nice.

Will Nits become a Gummshoe - or will Frankie and Olly become Boneheads?

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"Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite.   

The Medal Muddle is the second instalment of the Gummshoes children’s book series, written by E.J. Gore. When Devlin Cave – a fourth grader – is bullied at Carson Road School, the Gummshoes take action, rescuing him from the sixth grade Boneheads who thrive on hurting others.
Medallions encapsulate this new mystery, not only in the form of MODO medallions, but also Mr. Morris’ stunning war medals, proudly displayed on the wall of his office as School Principal. Jon ‘Nits’ Nittleson and Max Seeto – two Alpha school bullies – come to blows, causing a rift amongst the Boneheads, which ironically leads to Nits befriending the Gummshoes Gang. In between beatings, the Gummshoes investigate medallion thefts, betrayals in friendship and more to get to the bottom of the many oddities within their midst.

I found this second tale in the Gummshoes series to be very fast-paced and quite accurate of the odd crazes of today’s youth. Sadly, bullying is nothing new in schools and the fact that the school principal seemed aware of who the perpetrators are, but turned a blind eye, is heartbreaking. E.J. Gore’s well-written and entwined mysteries truly get the reader thinking about what is really going on in the background, whether or not Nits is genuine or playing a part in order to inflict more damage on the Gummshoes. Quite a lot of violence takes place in this second instalment, all over a game which is akin to the collection of Pokémon figures or baseball cards – but the true mystery lies in who is stealing the school principal’s war medals – something which gave me both a chill and made my blood boil at the same time. So many scenarios played in my brain which, oddly enough, made reading this tale all the more exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Medal Muddle and look forward to reading future books in the Gummshoes series. I recommend The Medal Muddle to readers aged 8 -12 years who thrive on adventure and mystery while le
arning how to avoid the bullies lurking in their school."

"E.J. Gore's well-written and entwined mysteries truly get the reader thinking about what is really going on in the background."

Rosie Malezer: Readers' Favorite